Translation Services Over 90+ Languages on all Industries

Translation Services Over 90+ Languages on all Industries

Firstly, a native project manager performs an analysis of the documentation or files to review in order to determine the quality of the documentation delivered by the customer. It must determine whether the requested revision is a translation from literature written in a language or if the documentation to review does not come from a translation. Once clarified this point is valued the quality of the documentation translated in order to determine the degree of completeness that need documentation to review.


Secondly, a project manager assigned the review to one or more reviewers specialized and native language which is reviewed and coordinate them so that everyone working on the project with the same instructions and procedures.

Translation Services Company offers Services in more than 40 languages. All of our reviewers, editors and terminologists are natives of revision objects languages, are specialized field of translation and have sufficient language skills to ensure a revision of maximum reliability and quality.

There are 3 linguistic aspects when reviewing a translation:

Lexico-semantic is known in depth documentation vocabulary to translate and review. It is important to completely dominate the semantic field of the sector or discipline that is seeking to revise. All our terminologists and reviewers are specialized per fields of translation and revision, and have high experience.

Grammar it’s correctly used the rules of use of the target language. The task of review will be as simple as it allows the translation subject to revision. If the translation is poor it is very likely that the grammatical structure of the translated text is poor. Grammar review test checks the correct use of spelling and grammatical connectors, structures of sentences and its internal components, use of conjunctions and prepositions, tenses, pronouns…

Pragmatic and stylistic Is important to note that the information is structured with coherence and consistency that is not misinterpreted or lead to confusion and that the revised text have a common thread and a logical order. It is also vital to understand what will be the target audience who will read our translation to identify us with him and reading the text find it attractive and understandable.



Translation Services Company we have high experience in transcreation of different sectors. Currently, we Trans create for companies of different sizes both nationally and internationally. Usually, transcreation is mainly applied in the advertising and marketing but can also be applied to other sectors such as health and finances.


Transcreation is the process of transmitting the contents of one or more messages from a source language to the target trying to cause the same visual and emotional reaction in readers of both languages. It’s a creative process in which the Trans creator must know perfectly both linguistic and cultural aspects of the source language and the target language.


Transcreation is valued largely printing and reaction that causes the received message reader. Contains the visual message content such as images and linguistic content of the text. There are identities and cultural aspects in some languages and cultures that do not exist in others. Therefore, transcreation for the faithful reproduction of a message from one language to another wouldn’t make sense.


Translation Services Company solutions deal with the life cycle of all of its projects of transcreation. We assign a project specialist in the field Manager Object of work and a team of transcreation and review that will get the transcreation texts to adapt completely to your needs and market you want to position your brand. Also, we respect all deadlines agreed with the customer and we will inform you of the phases of the project. On the other hand, we let the customer be involved from start to finish in all phases of the project providing style guides, glossaries, guidelines and recommendations in order to obtain a final product of the highest quality.

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